Trademark Litigation Support

Hi! If you’re watching this video, you’re probably either in a lawsuit or you might be an attorney, and the issues around Trademarks are starting to become a little bit overwhelming.  Well, I do Trademark Litigation Support as part of my practice, and I want to give you just a brief overview of where a Trademark expert can assist you in your litigation.

So, first and foremost and most obvious to the attorneys are going to be opinions.  Opinions regarding validity, likelihood of confusion, the whole host of issues.  Sometimes in litigation the issue of proper prosecution will come up.

And so, I can assist with that as well. Coupled with litigation of course is giving testimony, and just to briefly  outline this, I’ve given testimony in depositions at trial and also made many presentations regarding Trademarks, so I’m comfortable being in front of groups and judges and juries.

Another occasion when having a Trademark expert assist is valuations, and I’ve created valuations for intellectual property portfolios, and I typically will pair with someone from the financial and accounting world that understands valuations and the methodologies of coming up with them.  And again, just by way of background, I have a Finance Degree and an MBA, and so I’m comfortable around the world of numbers and accounting and assisting with valuations.

In fact my practice has conducted valuations for the Securities and Exchange Commission before. Another reason why you may be interested in litigation support is just the 2nd set of eyes.  So, if you’ve been sued or if if you’re in the process of suing toenforce your Trademark, you may be second guessing some of what your attorney is doing.  And more likely, you just may be a little confused about why things have to be done a certain way.

I’m not encouraging to go around your attorney, but I’m happy to assist you and your attorney with understanding and kind of plain speak what is going on in a particular Trademark litigation situation.  If you’re an attorney and you’re interested in a 2nd set of eyes, it’s probably because you’re second-guessing some of the moves you’re making in litigation and also concerned about some of the strategy decisions that are coming up.  Now, I particularly can assist with pre and during trial assistance. I’m not an Appellate Attorney.

I do have Appellate Attorneys that I can refer you to and work with, and they will understand the stuff that goes into doing Trademark Appeals, but I can be that 2nd set of eyes to give you more confidence that you’re making the right decisions and understanding those decisions.

So, if you have a need for litigation support, feel free to give me a phone call, and we’ll set up a consultation, and we’ll figure out the best way to work together, so that you can feel good about the decisions you’re making and comfortable with the likely outcome of your litigation.

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