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Unlike most attorneys, I’m an entrepreneur — some say a successful entrepreneur. And as much as I enjoy the thought that these colleagues may be right, I certainly wasn’t always a successful entrepreneur. My first shots at starting businesses in college resulted in abandoned patent applications, zero sales and debt (not to mention late homework and shoddy lab assignments). Later, I learned hard lessons as people I trusted blatantly stole my inventions, and suppliers I trusted failed to deliver products. And, through my experience at a large law firm as well as in my own law practice, I’ve seen just about every kind of chicanery imaginable.

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Larry Davis

Lucid Dog SEO

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Lisa Chen

ABC Company

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JT Moore

Killer Productions

We Stop The Competition From Raiding Your Business.

We Register, Enforce and Defend Your Trademarks With Our Exclusive Trademark Process.

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Frisco Trademark Lawyer

At Trademark Law USA in Frisco, we truly understand the crucial role that trademarks play for businesses. A trademark holds immense value and goes far beyond being a mere symbol; it serves as the cornerstone of brand identity and recognition. Allow me to explain why it is an absolutely vital step for businesses aiming for long term success.

1. Building Brand Recognition and Trust; One of the key advantages of having a trademark is that it allows you to establish a unique identity for your business. When your trademark is well designed and easily recognizable, customers can effortlessly associate your products or services with your brand.

2. Legal Protection and Exclusive Rights; Registering a trademark grants you exclusive rights to use that mark in connection with your goods or services within the registered territory. This legal protection acts as a shield against potential infringers, counterfeiters or competitors who might attempt to exploit the success of your brand. Trademarks serve as a powerful deterrent, preventing others from adopting similar marks that could confuse consumers.

3. National and International Expansion Opportunities; With a registered trademark, your business gains the ability to expand both nationally and internationally. By safeguarding your mark in different jurisdictions, you create a solid foundation for growth beyond just your local market.

4. Asset Value and Brand Equity;
Trademarks hold significant value as assets for businesses and their worth can increase over time as the brand grows and gains recognition. In situations such as mergers, acquisitions or business sales, having a registered trademark adds substantial value to your company. Trademarks also offer opportunities for licensing or franchising, which can generate additional streams of revenue.

• Incontestable Rights; After continuous use and registration for a certain period, trademarks can attain the status of being “incontestable.” This means that the validity of your trademark is unquestionable, providing it with stronger legal protection and making it more challenging for others to challenge its ownership.

• Protection Against Domain Name Issues; Registering a trademark proves extremely valuable when resolving domain name disputes. If someone else registers a domain name that infringes upon your trademark, you have legal options to regain control through established domain dispute resolution mechanisms.

• Maintaining Competitive Advantage; A trademark helps fortify your businesss market position by preventing competitors from diluting your brand or capitalizing on your reputation. Robust trademark protection allows you to confidently invest in marketing and brand development without worrying about losing market impact due to dilution.

• Enhancing Business Value; Ultimately, the strength and recognition of a brand play a critical role in assessing the long term success of a business. Having a registered trademark showcases professionalism and commitment to upholding the integrity of your brand.
Investors and potential partners are more likely to be attracted to a business that has a strong and well protected brand.

• Protection for Design and Innovation; Trademarks go beyond just words or logos; they can also cover product designs and packaging. By registering your product designs as trademarks, you can safeguard your unique and innovative designs from imitators, ensuring that you benefit from your own creativity.

• Peace of Mind; Having a registered trademark provides peace of mind for business owners. It allows you to concentrate on building and expanding your business without constantly worrying about others infringing upon your intellectual property rights.

If you are looking for a Frisco trademark attorney, we are here to help.


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Looking to Locate Your Business in DFW? Here's Why Frisco Is A Great Choice!

Grow Your Business in Top-Ranked Frisco.

Frisco, Texas, named the #1 place to live in the U.S. in 2018 by Money Magazine, and is also a top-notch place to call your company home. With innovation at the center of its vibrant business community, Frisco boasts highly-educated technology workers as part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and stands out as a world-class location to live and to grow your business. 

Looking to put your business in the middle of the action? Frisco lives up to its motto “Progress in Motion”. Located just north of the Dallas Fort-Worth Telecom Corridor® Frisco is home to the $5 Billion Dollar Mile.  Frisco has grown more than 300% since 2000 and was named the 2nd fastest growing city in America in 2012-2013. In addition to its own momentum, Frisco is located 25 miles from DFW, one of the fastest growing areas of the United States both in terms of population and the economy with 25 Fortune 500 companies in the DFW area as of 2019.

Frisco’s business community is undergoing exciting growth including advanced technology initiatives — such as a self-driving car pilot program on the Frisco North Platinum Corridor. As a result, Frisco’s attracting top global companies including: 

Keurig-Dr. Pepper

Professional Golfers’ Association of America 




Want Help Growing Your Business? These Organizations Can Help!

With a pro-business city government, Frisco also is a great place for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and plays host to the Dallas Cowboys headquarters. Businesses in Frisco include some you may want to do business with to support the community:


Origin Bank 

Town&Country Roofing


Penaido Construction

Frisco Economic Development Corporation actively recruits and assists businesses for expansion and relocation in Frisco. Additionally, the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is an active chapter of the Chambers of Commerce nationally, here to support local businesses, their interests and their visibility in the community. 

Does Frisco Have Access to World-Class Universities? You Bet!
Frisco's Not a Boring Suburb! Enjoy These Sculpture Garden, Heritage and Healthcare Options:

Arts, Culture and History in Frisco

When you have a great place for business, expect arts, music, and culture to follow. Frisco’s exciting growth has attracted the Texas Sculpture Garden located in Hall Park where visitors can enjoy the largest private collection of sculpture by Texas artists. Even as it moves into the future, Frisco is committed to retaining its rich history at the Heritage Association of Frisco where you can explore and appreciate the early culture and community that formed the foundation of modern-day Frisco.

People in Frisco have access to modern healthcare at the Texas Health Hospital in Frisco, a brand new 20-acre medical office and hospital complex that combines the expertise of Texas Health Resources and UT Southwestern Medical Center planned for late 2019 opening. Residents also have access to another new facility, the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, which opened its Frisco campus in 2018.

Thrasher Trademark Law Can Secure Your Business and Brand in Frisco, Texas

Trademark attorney Steven Thrasher has been practicing trademark law in Frisco and the surrounding area since 2002.  For these fifteen years Steve has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs escape the competitive pressures of commodity businesses.

In addition to filing trademark applications, Steve solves intellectual property problems related to trademarks, patents, copyrights, and infringements.