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From Raiding Your Business.

Our Job for You

Your business is growing — you’ve worked hard to build it. Maybe you’ve already started branding, or perhaps it’s just now crossing your mind.

The Good News: your customers notice.

The Bad News is that your competition notices, too, and tries to steal your customers away.

We are the trademark lawyers who protect your business from your brand’s predators, so you can relax, grow your sales, and expand your revenue.

What You Need

We provide these U.S. Trademark services to growing businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide:

  • Trademark and Branding Strategy
  • Trademark Searches (Availability)
  • Freedom to Use (Clearance) Opinions
  • Trademark Applications
  • Office Action Responses
  • Statement of Use Filings
  • Trademark Renewal
  • Trademark Monitoring and Policing
  • Trademark Assignments and Recording Change of Trademark Ownership
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Opposition
  • Trademark Cancellation
  • Amazon Brand Management
  • Shopify Brand Management

What You Need

We provide these U.S. Trademark services to growing businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide:

  • Trademark and Branding Strategy
  • Trademark Searches (Availability)
  • Freedom to Use (Clearance) Opinions
  • Trademark Applications
  • Office Action Responses
  • Statement of Use Filings
  • Trademark Renewal
  • Trademark Monitoring and Policing
  • Trademark Assignments and Recording Change of Trademark Ownership
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
  • Trademark Opposition
  • Trademark Cancellation
  • Amazon Brand Management
  • Shopify Brand Management

Our Exclusive Trademark System

Educate, Evaluate & Equip

  • Fast Processing
  • Confidential Pre-Search Interview Helps Prevent Missteps
  • Easy to Follow Classes Mean You’ll Understand Every Step
  • Action-Sheets and Checklists
  • Federal Trademark Search
  • State Trademark Search
  • Common Law Trademark Search
  • Domain and Social Media Search
  • Attorney Consultation / Strategy Session
  • Trademark Application Process Budgeting
  • Application Status Monitoring
  • Status Updates
  • It Only Takes 5 Minutes to Get Started
  • If We Can’t Help You Get Your Money Back

STEP #1: Educate & Enroll

Free and No Obligation.

Let's get on the same page.

Time to Complete: Less than 1 Minute.

Just like your customers, your brand also has unique needs. After enrolling, we educate each other.

First we learn about you, your business and the goals you have for your brand. Second, you’ll learn about the registration process via our proprietary video library and Action-Sheets.

STEP #2 Evaluate

Trademark searches empower us to craft a smart plan.

Time to Complete: 2-7 Days.

Second, we cut through the lawyer-speak and outline your options in plain English.

When finished, you will have explored what we call “the Two Big Questions”:

1. Can You Even Use It? and

2. Can You Own the Rights to It?

More importantly, you’ll have a plan you have confidence in.

STEP #3: Equip

Putting your plan into action.

Time to Complete: 2+ Days.

We implement your plan, which typically begins with filing trademark applications. It may also include an Amazon Branding program or Shopify Branding program. If you have immediate needs for enforcement or take-down notices, those start as well.

When complete, your applications are pending.

STEP #4: Examine

The Trademark Office and the Public scrutinize your Application.

Time to Complete: 9 - 24 Months.

It begins with an Office Examination by an Examining Attorney (the “EA”). The EA registers rejections and objections in letters called Office Actions. You must respond to these correctly to keep your application alive. Once (and if) the EA believes that your application is in order, the mark is Published.

Next, the public has the opportunity to examine your mark by registering “Opposition” to your mark’s registration. Here’s where preparation really pays off, because carelessly filed applications can trigger unnecessary Opposition Proceedings, and these proceedings can be lengthy...and expensive.

STEP #5: Enforce

Building your defenses.

Time to Complete: Ongoing for the Life of the Registration.

Step 5 is a journey of a thousand miles.

After you have secured your registration, under US Trademark Law, to keep it and strengthen it you must ‘police it.’ Policing is a fancy way of saying that you can’t just let anyone use your mark, and it involves four activities:

  • monitoring databases and the internet to spot potential infringers
  • notifying the likely infringers that you have a registered mark
  • telling the competitor-infringers to stop using your mark (to ‘cease and desist’)
  • if necessary, litigating to force compliance with the law

My Story

I Have Over 15 Years of Experience in the Trademark Industry

Unlike most attorneys, I’m an entrepreneur — some say a successful entrepreneur. And as much as I enjoy the thought that these colleagues may be right, I certainly wasn’t always a successful entrepreneur. My first shots at starting businesses in college resulted in abandoned patent applications, zero sales and debt (not to mention late homework and shoddy lab assignments). Later, I learned hard lessons as people I trusted blatantly stole my inventions, and suppliers I trusted failed to deliver products. And, through my experience at a large law firm as well as in my own law practice, I’ve seen just about every kind of chicanery imaginable.

What our clients ARE saying

As a new solopreneur, navigating last-minute legal issues is stressful! Steven expertly assisted me,
and I give him my absolute highest recommendation.
Rarely, if ever, do I find a knowledgable lawyer who is also a consummate and successful business professional.
Steven’s both, and speaks ‘plain English’!

Ellin Sidell


A troll tried to hold my now Wall-Street Journal best-seller “You Are The Brand” hostage — the week before it published.
Fortunately, long before that happened, Steve designed & guided me through a plan.
When the attack came he was able to instantly stop the harassment. My book published on time and without a slap-down.
It was like watching legal-judo!

Mike Kim

“You Are the Brand”

The best money I’ve ever invested!

Jim Benge

Dallas Angel Investor & “Proud Shark”

We Stop The Competition From Raiding Your Business.

We Register, Enforce and Defend Your Trademarks with Our Exclusive Trademark Process.

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Looking to Locate Your Business in Texas? Here's Why Selma Is A Great Choice!

Grow Your Business in Selma, Texas

Selma, Texas is a planned community that welcomes new business with incentives based on the amount of job and tax revenue your idea can generate. While Selma is small – a bit more than 10,000 people – it is part of the 2.5 million person San Antonio metropolitan area sharing it resources and opportunities. 

The region has an international flair and a strong industrial and military presence, which may be a great fit for your business. In addition to Fortune 500 companies, the metro area has Fort Sam HoustonRandolph Air Force Base, and Lackland Air Force Base – to name just a few military installations. 

Your Selma-based business is near San Antonio, and that means you are well-connected to the rest of the world. Selma is part of the Texas Triangle with highways connecting San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. Major railroads service San Antonio with Amtrak passenger lines and the Union Pacific Railroad freight lines coming through. Going farther afield? The San Antonio International Airport is a commercial airport with 11 airlines connecting with 42 destinations. 

If your business services large corporations, you will find plenty of clients in San Antonio, home to six Fortune 500 companies who have corporate or regional headquarters in the city. Other major companies with a presence in the city include Boeing and Toyota. Some of the major corporations in the city are: 

Valero Energy

NuStar Energy


CST Brands

Want Help Growing Your Business? These Organizations Can Help!

Join a Vibrant Business Community in Lively Selma, TX

Schertz-Cibolo-Selma Chamber of Commerce is the center of gravity of the local business community. If you are just starting out, the Olympia I Business Center has affordable and flexible office space for you and your team (if you’ve got one already!). You may want to get to know some small businesses that have opened their doors in Selma, including:

Texstar Enterprises


1st Source Digital

Keller Material Ltd

Crestview RV Superstore

Does Selma Have Access to World-Class Universities? You Bet!
  • Selma is Close to San Antonio’s Educational Opportunities

    When you are in Selma, you are close to San Antonio’s many options for educational advancement whether you are looking to advance your own education in business or send your managers for more training. The University of Texas at San Antonio School of Business has a broad range of executive education with 21-month degreed programs or customized workshops and bootcamps to meet your particular needs. One of the other big universities in town is Texas A&M University in San Antonio offering advanced degrees in MBAs, computer science and accounting.  Other universities include:

Selma's Not a Boring Suburb! Enjoy These Racetrack, Shopping, Parks and World-Class Healthcare Options

Things to Do: Selma’s Racetrack, Shopping and History

Retama Park, a class 1 pari-mutual horse track where you can find thoroughbred or quarter horse racing between June and November. The Forum at Olympia Park is a 110-store mall with retail, eateries and professional services.  The Selma Stage Stop is a renovated historic site with a visitor’s center and park that recalls the Old West and the town’s roots. If you want a bigger night on the town, think San Antonio. The famous River Walk the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs and the Alamo are all within your world. If you love food, San Antonio ranks at the top of the restaurant world as one of only 26 cities named by UNESCO as a “City of Creativity for Gastronomy”. In Selma, you are also on the southern edge of Texas Hill County where you can visit President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s birthplace or enjoy the Hill Country’s many natural amenities including Lady Bird Lake

As for world class healthcare, San Antonio has research, teaching and hospital facilities at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio where you, your family and your employees will have ample healthcare options. Need something closer? Several community hospitals are in Schertz and Live Oaks next door.

Thrasher Trademark Law Can Secure Your Business and Brand in Selma, TX

As a trademark attorney who calls Texas home, Steven Thrasher has been practicing trademark law and serving clients in and around San Antonio for nearly 20 years. In that time, Steve has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs escape the competitive pressures of commodity businesses. In addition to filing trademark applications, Steve solves intellectual property problems related to trademarks, patents, copyrights, and infringements.